Puppy Preschool

The most crucial time in a puppy’s life is between 4-16 weeks of age. What puppies learn during this time can influence and shape their behaviour well into adulthood. This time is crucial to teach basic skills, and expose your puppy to many different experiences, including interacting with other dogs and people, strange noises and environments, veterinary examinations and more. If puppies experience these things in a safe environment, they are less likely to be causes of stress or fear as they get older.

Our Puppy Preschool course runs for 5 weeks, where you and your puppy will learn basic skills, socialization, exposures to unusual sounds, situations and people, as well as discuss important aspects of health and home life relating to your puppy.

Class outline Below 

Upcoming dates: 10th August - 7th September 2021
Time: Tuesday night 5.30pm-6.30pm 
Price: $95

Please contact us to book!
July 7 - chocolate lab.jpg
Week 1

Handling and massage

Attention getting/ recall


Hygiene & Wellness


Discussion time


Week 2

Walking on lead/ attention getting

Sound and texture experiences

Continue handling


“Sit” and “Stay”




Week 3

Lead Practice and recall


Sound and texture experiences

Socialisation with other people




Week 4

Continue “Stay”

Round robin recalls

Sound and texture experiences





Week 5

Puppy Party: A graduation party with games, prizes, and certificates!